Who is Infinite Consulting?

We're a small business located in Northern California, founded in 1999. We got started because we recognized that rural communities need to have access to IT support services from skilled technicians who specialize in serving the needs of underserved, rural areas. Personal access to aviation resources means that we are uniquely situated to serve even the most rural areas in the region.

Our Founding Principles

Highest Quality Customer Service

Your IT needs shouldn't be a barrier to accomplishing your business goals. We strive to provide the highest quality customer service with courteous staff and prompt communications. Our duty is not to just fix your IT problems, but to anticipate them - allowing you to be efficient and productive.

Comprehensive Technology Services

As needs in the industry have changed, the transformation of IT services has provided an opportunity to expand the technological tools you have access to. We believe that rural areas should have the same access to IT as urban ones. If we can fly there, we can be there to service your IT needs.

Focus on Small and Medium Businesses

As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of efficiency. The speed and accuracy of your technology reflects the efficiency of your business as a whole. We take best-practice, leading technological principles and work with your executive officers, management teams, and technical resources to ensure that your business operations run smoothly and productively.

System Integrity Is Our Highest Priority

With any technological system, there is risk - security breaches, errors, and hardware failures. Maintaining the integrity of your system is our top priority to keep your business operating at full functionality. As technology evolves, threats change and adapt. We make sure your IT system is ready for whatever may come.

Business Partners